september 18 2013 sheep pool

light comes and this dull catch of broken trees lied sideways is touched and ripples although the water is not there
sounds magnify sheep bird machine wind leaf
steam off the dampness I am seeing water evaporate as sun shines through it, never noticed that
gems of water screech in the lost green hair of this source lank and strange
I know this is the source marked like a monk’s tonsure
one gleam is copper I will have to investigate and still the steam like a miniature geyser whirls up to croak crow some nature’s witches caldron
it is not in words this is but it is not words gleam like reflected green moss when they fall out right
and this slow moment of sun entering a shallow stream bed lightens all of me as if seeing is as living is to the treesĀ  its quiet beauty blooms again inbred with our memories noe a 3 voice sheep chord and yodel cowboy style
water and light cook ( reveal) wonderĀ  enchantment
willow leaves shimmy
the copper has gone diamond now from below the sky heaves suddenly blue and I feel low and enclosed sudden cloud and it all sinks but it has been illuminated whether by weather or my mind it has glowed
I wandered and found the one upright tree unnoticed before then slowly leg-holdingly I crossed and saw another top of skull nearby a green leaf full of dew- without thought I lifted the leaf and poured the water like a death baptism over the top of the skull the fontanele and thought of CAD last night and her poem water and it being her mother’s last word, here again a last blessing just coming to me unbidden